Spare to Share is the community app for your building or community. It will help increase communication and smooth operations in your community. It is a way for tenants to connect with each other and with management, and it will help everyone save time & money.
If you want Spare to Share in your community, you can contact us and we will setup a demo for you. From there, we can create a community for you and your tenants will be able to get started right away!
If you are a resident or tenant and ready to join your building’s online community, you can go sign up on with your building’s unique community code.
Spare to Share will create a stronger community and save your staff time on operational tasks. It will allow your members to connect with one another on a platform that is not social media.
We will work with you to create an access code for your community. Residents and tenants can then go to our website and create an account. With your buildings access code, they will then be able to join the community as they sign up.
Spare to Share is available with all web browsers, for iOS and Android. Search “Spare to Share” on both the App Store and Google Play Store to download the mobile app.
To join a community you need an access code that is unique to your building. If you have joined Spare to Share and are not in a community, please send a message to & our team will be happy to assist you!
We support four main community types, Residential, Coworking, Commercial, and Student Housing. Checkout our website to find more.
Anytime you make a post, you have the option to send an email blast, so you don’t have to duplicate your work. Tenants that don’t want to sign up will not receive posts from other tenants, just emails from you.
As the administrator, you have control to take down negative posts that don’t add value to your community.
No, Spare to Share is a month by month service. Spare to Share has a tiered pricing system depending on the number of users, and it usually costs between one and two dollars per user.
There is an option to turn this off so you are the only one that can view the directory.
You can quickly and easily communicate to residents with mobile notifications and emails. If there is a maintenance issue, tenants can notify you immediately, with a picture of the problem even included. In turn, you can easily notify tenants when a package arrives for them in a matter of seconds. Most of all, residents will stay in your building longer (see below).
Tenants have a great way to meet their neighbors. They’ll save money using the marketplace, can create groups like book clubs, and make friends. A sense of community will keep tenants in your building longer, leading to less turnover and vacancy.
We’ll help you customize your community, upload your tenant list into the directory and create promotional materials with a building-specific code to help tenants sign up.
It is easy and familiar for residents to use. Spare to Share was designed with both management and tenants in mind. Above all, we value our client’s time and do everything we can to support them.
Right away! We can get you set up within a day.
Yes. Spare to Share is based out of Chicago and has customers in other major metropolitan areas including Houston, Seattle and Jacksonville.
This will save you time. Send quick mobile notifications to tenants, receive instant maintenance request alerts and send package notifications all from the same place.
Yes, it is quite simple to edit members. Admins can delete and add members, or if you have many changes, you can send it to Spare to Share and we will make appropriate changes.
The directory shows a member’s name, company, birthday, and gender.
Send an email to